Sole Juice is an energetic and vibrant company set up specifically to solve an age old industry problem: How to customise & personalise shoes for the mass individual market.

Currently, if you require custom imaged footwear then you must commit to placing large volume orders manufactured overseas, couple this with large upfront cash investments and long lead times, you will very quickly wish for an alternative solution; I created Sole Juice to provide the solution.

Sole Juice can custom image one-offs to many thousands shoes in one run, thereby allowing our partners to make money by offering on-trend, event reactive, or fashion ready custom footwear to customers, consumers and fans the world over; all without the risk of large cash, or inventory investments.

In my business life I have created, cultivated, and grown a number of innovative companies turning them into successful industry players. I have spent time mentoring individual company directors, as well as company boards, on a wide range of topics from Sales & Marketing 101 through to International Business Development. I have plied my trade in the United Kingdom, across Europe, and in America.

In my personal life I have spent a lot of time working for my local community both practically, financially, and politically. I have been honoured to help the less fortunate in society on many occasions, whether that is working with the disadvantaged or disabled. I am passionate about walking ‘up hill and down dale’ with my dogs, and photography, where I seem to have 1 camera for each day of the year!

Am I still looking at new opportunities? You bet! There is a lot of really cool products and opportunities out there that I am working on, and they all solve a problem for the industry.

Look forward to speaking soon,

Paul Hirst